Sakuragi (桜木 Sakuragi) is a minor character from Dai-Shogun - Great Revolution.

Appearance Edit

She is a short young lady with olive eyes, blue pig-tails with fringes covering her forehead and cat ear accessories on her head. She wears a red oiran kimono with a white scarf in front of her and a matching red sash around her waist, and a housemaid's sash. She most likely has sandals (which didn't really depict it in the anime). She also has a black choker alongside a gold bell. It also appears that she has freckles.

Personality Edit

She appears to be polite and friendly, but has ways like Chiharu such as wanting more money if customers wanted to stay longer at Arabachiya's.

History Edit

Not really much about her history except she's a staff at Arabachiya's.

Plot Edit

She appears in Episode 2, along with Chiharu at their job site, Arabachiya to seduce Hyakusuke. She then decides to flirt with Hyakusuke by massaging and licking his hair, which turns him on. After she's done with Hyakusuke, she bumps into both Keiichiro and Kiriko to tell him that he would have to pay if he were to stay longer, as Keiichiro not knowing that Chiharu had stolen his wallet. Afterwards, when dusk hits, Sakuragi reminds Chiharu that they have more customers, which Chiharu turns down the offer and tells Sakuragi that she resigns, jetting off into mid-air. Later on in the series, she is seen in Episode 12, alongside holding a bandage-up Toramaru; watching Keiichiro's accomplishment.

Relationships Edit

Chiharu- Her former colleague that she was good friends with.

Hyakusuke- He was one of her customers that she pleased.

Keiichiro Tokugawa- She had told him that if he wanted to stay, he had to pay more money.

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