The Shinsengumi (真選組) is a army of black-hearted, ruthless, and deadly patrol samurais from Nagasaki. The samurais, who serves Shigeyoshi Hitotsubashi are nothing but loyal swordsmen. The leader, Isamu Kondou (sometimes called Isami Kondou 近藤勇) is a bloodthirsty person who's a headstrong leader and proud to stand up for Shigeyoshi at any costs. She leads the team and wants nothing more but to please her cruel master.

Appearance Edit

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Their dress code of choice consists of pale blue coats with hakama clothing, black wide belts around their waists, and military boots along with white headbands on their heads. The women has on short pale coats with high-thigh stockings, shoulder pads, arm guards and military boots, along with katanas on their backside.

History Edit

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As Sutemaru was describing how the women were, they created brutal murders and slay so many enemies that their pale blue coats turned black, due to the blood that were being painted on them. However, it is unclear on how many years that the members were serving Shigeyoshi.

Operations Edit

The Shinsengumi's objective was to capture Susanoo and slay Keiichiro, if getting lucky. Originally, their ally, Houkouin, who is also close to Shigeyoshi supposed to do the job, but complains about being bored and has her own interest in other things.

Abilities and Equipment Edit

  • Souji's Onigami
  • Kite for flight
  • Isamu and Souji in their Onigami battling against Keiichiro and Hyougo Asai

The three main members in the group are all Onigami masters. They specializes in steam puppets and created chaos at Shigeyoshi's post sentencing event after slaughtering Minister Naosuke Ii's men to respond to Shigeyoshi's Onigami, Takemikazuchi.

When they travel together to different places (either if it's for information, or to simply slay others), they appear in a navy color massive blimp that carries their Onigami puppets. The women also managed to use kites by floating down to confront Kiriko Hattori in episode 7.

Known Members Edit

Isamu Kondou

Toshizo Hijikata

Souji Okita

Allies Edit

Shigeyoshi Hitotsubashi (founder, boss)

Houkouin (ally, superior)

Minister Naosuke Ii (former ally; deceased)

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